PBS Professional 11.0 Now Available
週三, 19 一月 2011 02:40


Altair, creator of PBS Works, is pleased to announce the release of PBS Professional 11.0, Altair's EAL3+ certified commercial-grade HPC workload management solution.


PBS Professional 11.0 has new key enhancements, including:


  • Faster Scheduling: Scheduler speed is up to three times faster, down to less than 30 seconds per cycle for typical HPC workloads (on up to 80,000 cores).
  • Faster Submission: Job submission speed is seven times faster.
  • Faster Cold Start: Cold start is 45 times faster, reduced to less than one minute for 100,000 jobs.
  • Re-architected Cray Support: PBS Professional "vnode" support for Cray systems, allowing individual MPI task selection, task placement, support for node exclusivity, and the framework for topology-aware scheduling. 
  • PBS Works also offers PBS Catalyst and PBS Analytics within its suite. PBS Catalyst simplifies the submission and management of jobs running on PBS Professional compute nodes. PBS Analytics is a data analysis and visualization solution that provides PBS Works administrators with advanced job and license analyses to support data-driven planning and decision-making.