CAPS announces HMPP Support of Absoft Pro Fortran compiler
週五, 07 一月 2011 04:07



CAPS today announced that its HMPP compiler is now compatible with the Absoft Pro Fortran compiler suite.


HMPP latest release 2.4 recently announced at SC10 consequently enlarged its range of supported compilers and OS, and Absoft compiler support is a new feature that was much expected by HMPP users.


Based on GPU programming and tuning directives, HMPP offers an incremental programming model that allows developers with different levels of expertise to fully exploit GPU hardware accelerators in their legacy code. Together, CAPS and Absoft help ensure their joint customers take the most of technical computing power. Combining these tools provides the developer a fast and easy way to port applications onto GPU-based architectures.


CAPS provides efficient solutions for with HMPP based programming. This approach is being complemented by a set of tools which constitutes the HMPP ecosystem. By coupling its products and expertise with Absoft tool suite, CAPS is extending those capabilities to a much broader audience of technical computing users.

"It is really important for us to announce the support of Absoft", comments Denis Gerrer, VP Americas at CAPS. "HMPP is working with existing customer environments and partnering with a well establish compiler vendor such as Absoft is good for existing customers and adds complementary technology to both our respective companies,. In addition, this support is exactly in line with our strategy to offer to our customer a global suite of products to develop and port easily their applications on GPUs."

Compilers from Absoft completes the range of applications that are compatible with HMPP to provide a suite of tools to help CAPS customer to port their legacy application in their existing development environment.
“HMPP is an excellent way to improve performance on GPU-base architectures such as CUDA, and a perfect match for our customer base,” said Wood Lotz, president of Absoft. “Using HMPP is almost transparent, and it can produce dramatic performance improvements with no recoding! One of our test programs ran 12 times faster once we ran it through HMPP on an x64Linux/CUDA system. Absoft Pro Fortran + HMPP is a perfect solution for HPC or any performance critical application development,” continued Lotz.